Advertise With Us

Website Promotion:

Advertise your company, product or service with an advert on our website. There are several options and sizes available to meet your needs & budget, including banners & interactive sliders. The advert can include your logo, some wording, pictures and a link through to your website.

Social Media Promotion:

We offer coverage on social media too so you will get maximum exposure. Add images or a video along with some wording to promote your business. You can also include links to your website & social media accounts. Your post will be pinned to the top of our Facebook page for up to 30 days, we are also happy to offer one revision to your post during the 30 days.

Advertise At One Of Our Events.

There are several ways to promote your business at one of our events and prices start from £5.

Goody Bags:

Add your business flyers or cards to our goody bags, you can also include a voucher or small sample of your product if you wish.

(you will need to be able to provide 50)

Business Stalls:

At our events we have a range of businesses attending from local start ups to larger companies, you can choose to book an information stall to promote your company or a stall to sell your products and services. When you book a stall we will also include your business flyer in our goody bags. (business stalls are limited so book early)

Sponsor an Event:

On a sole or joint basis, brand the venue – your business banners, A frames, balloons etc. You will also have a stall at the event, your business flyers in the goody bags, business name & logo on the goody bags

For all options above we will promote your business on our social media accounts & on our website for the month of the event.

Current sponsors & sponsor of the month are featured on our subscriber newsletters.

(please supply us with you business logo)