Sellers Guide

Top Selling Tips

Marketing: We do a lot of marketing to make sure the event is a success. Look out for adverts, leaflets, posters, A frames, banners & of course social media posts. Let people know you’re coming & share the event where you can. If you would like any promotional posters or leaflet’s please let us know and we will post you some.

Prepare your items: make sure everything is clean you will get a better price for your items if clothes are washed and ironed or toys and other items are clean.

Price labels: on all items is preferable so buyers know exactly how much to pay, for smaller or multiple items having boxes on the floor at the front of the table with a sign saying for example ‘all items 50p each’

Get your pricing right: be realistic about your pricing to ensure you have a successful event and don’t forget you can always alter the price of your items throughout the event, be prepared to chat & do a deal with buyers.

Change and bags: bring plenty of change & it’s a good idea to bring some bags so people can carry all of the items away!

Displaying items: Don’t overload the table, you can always add more as you sell. If you have a lot of clothing it may be worth bringing a clothes rail and arranging them in size order to make it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for.

Keep the floor clear: please keep your items on or under the table & in the space at the side so that buyers can move around the room easily with pushchairs etc.

Chat to the buyers: you may have what they are looking for but they just can’t see it or you might have it at home.