Feedback from our buyers

“Better than a lot of pop up nearly new sales as more space to be able to walk around”

Kim Attwood

“Fantastic opportunity to get baby things cheaper than shop prices! Lovely”

Karolina Renkieincz

“Great prices, great to see items before buying. Very well labelled”

Sarah Owen

“Great prices, wonderful atmosphere & lovely people”

Ella Grainger

“Excellent sales. Always find a bargain”

Rachel Pugh

“Nice little look around, lovely items & well organised”

Holly Skelton

“Great deals”

Dorata Romquik

“Very well organised, lovely venue. Sellers & promoters very welcoming & friendly. Got some excellent bargains.”

Kerrie Flack

“Really good clothes & items in excellent condition.”

Janice Littley

“Lovely people selling beautiful items & a very welcoming atmosphere”

Rebekah Trinder

“Very good items, fab range, very happy”

Hannah Price

“Excellent, bought some lovely things”

Laura Matthews

“Good, looking to sell at the next event”

Natalie Astley

“Great event, thank you”

Katie Price

“Good selection of stalls, excellent venue”

Rosanna Davenport

“I loved it, things for me to buy and fun to be had for my daughter, very well done very friendly”

Hannah Morris

I liked that it was held in my community, the children enjoyed it. I would take part in selling next time as it’s local and undercover”

Helen Childs

“Brilliant event, need more of these”


Lots of stalls with different thins to buy, lots of bargains!

Clare Haddon

“Thought it was a good event. Do more of these please”

Samantha Harris

“Loved the friendly atmosphere, nice to see the children helping out very sweet.”

Corinne Hall

“Brilliant bargains & plenty of choice”

Lucy Hall

“Everyone was friendly, good quality stuff”

Becci Farrali

“Lot’s of great stalls & lovely volunteers”

Victoria B

“Absolutely fantastic prices, great variety of things, friendly people”

Cassie Eastwood

“It’s a good opportunity to look for things at a good price. Well laid out and not overcrowded”

Sheena Creese

“Very good please do more of these events”


“Very good picked up lot’s of bargains!”

Katie Wrenshall-Jones

“Friendly people, lot’s of choice, clean nice items to buy”


“Loved it, great bargains”

Kim Short

“Very good venue, space to look and good parking.”



Rebecca Mancini

“Lot’s of quality goods, traders very friendly, enjoyed it!”

Laura Burke

“I really enjoyed the lay out and variety. It was lovely to browse at own pace and not be pestered. Some lovely items on offer too!”

Rachel Thompson

“Really enjoyed this event, we came to the last one too, lot’s of stalls & things for the kids to do, loved it thanks”

Laura Fennell

“A good range of stuff and good mix of business stalls,

Anne Beresford-Laycock

“The stalls were fantastic and venue easy to find, everything priced reasonably and all stalls had bags provided which was great. It was fantastic I can’t wait until the next one.”


“Very good especially the kids crafts”


“Loved the bargains”


“Lot’s of choice something for everyone and everyone was friendly”

Clare Haddon

“Loved the cakes and clay making for the children. Great that there was clothes for over 5’s too and not just babies”


“Good choice of clothes and sizes. Friendly people bargains too.”

Jo Oborn

“Came for the pre-loved stalls, got a great selection of well priced quality items.”

Alison Hughes

“Good stalls, kids enjoyed the activities.”

Vicki Reynolds

“Good service, very polite and welcoming.”

Kimberley Walker

“Nice large venue, plenty of room to move around, Thank you.”


“These events are great,  got lot’s of bargains. Will definitely be going to more in the future.”

Leanne Gajewski